January 13th, 2006


My Renaissance

Recently I realized that I am still able to enjoy the literature. 10 years in a row read technical books mostly and that made me feel indifferent to any text in general. It was like to eat the same meal having been confined in a prison cell for ten years - you eat mostly to survive and do not taste the eaten at all. When I discovered Horhe Lois Borges, I said -"you had to read it 10 years ago, instead, you were fucking your mind with some useless manuals". That is hard to admit that we spend most of our time for routine things that come and go and often disregard those that make us humans with the immortal soul. Reading books written by the great thinkers is not what one should consider as a pleasure. It is what form one's mind, attitude to life, balanced judgments, and help to develop a personality. THE THOUGHT is THE POWER that you can exploit. This what CONNECTS the BODY with the SOUL. Read Borges and you will understand what I meant.
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