January 20th, 2006


Seek out the Positive

As I think about saints I feel the potential energy - the more you deprive your body the higher you fly. You start from the Level 1 - just get rid of all small shit. The problem on Level 1 is that when you try to fight in this way, your mind gets fucked up. You are fucking weak and you behave as a drug addict. You are just fucking stuck with your regular habits. If you feel it, then congratulations, you have arrived to the Level 2. Here you are stronger but angrier. I do not know what Level 3 might be. Probably depression with heavy contemplation. But you have to move on and maybe, maybe ... you can tune up yourself to reach a positive state. But before that do not forget that you suck, fucking human.
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" У них был обычай прежде и еще недавно бросать в этот колодец живых людей в жертву богам во время засухи... Бросали также многие другие вещи из дорогих камней и предметы, которые они считали ценными. И если в эту страну попадало золото, большую часть его должен был получить этот колодец…