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Peresvet passed his 33 milestone

Party is over. Our friend Peresvet has gone home after wild dancing and drinking. I am not sure that he will make it to the church tomorrow. But, it doesn't matter since today was the day when this guy can relax and have fun. Ye, fun is wrong, but wrong is not necessary evil. Wrong might be just the wasted good or you can be wasted good enough. I think all of us know that Peresvet is a "kind of" (he likes to use this phrase)very good friend. I have known him for 16 years and always enjoy conversations with him as well as drinking ... coffee. I think together we have already drunken 200 liters of coffee for all these years.

So, Happy Birthday to Peresvet-33 and let's wish him good luck at everything!

P.S. Before I met Peresvet, from the Swedish cinema I knew Dolph Lundgren, also Abba and Cardigans, and Europe as modern music bands, famous composer Sibelius, fat fuck Karlson by Asrid Lindgren, as well Selma Lagerloef who wrote a story about Nils... of course Alfred Nobel ... and who else.. ok, Olof Palme - poor guy. Now I know a three bit more and it's a hot stuff.

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